VIP Services 


As a patient of Palm Beach Dental Studio of Boca, you get to enjoy some wonderful benefits that will make your visit with us enjoyable and relaxing.  Yes, it’s true!  From the time you enter our office to the moment you leave you are sure to feel like what you are — Amazing!

Upon entering, be welcomed by our Scent of the Month.  From Eucalyptus Mint to Gingerbread Cookie every month you can enjoy a new scent.  Even though singing may be impossible while doing dentistry, listening to Satellite Radio streamed throughout the practice is sure to ease any tension you may have.  Our Suites are equipped with massage chairs, and choice of a Netflix movie or show.  If that’s not enough enjoy a warm towel upon finishing your treatment and feel good as new with a fresh, clean, cavity-free, smile!

Once you are a part of our family, you will notice the obvious difference from an “old-school” dental office.  We are a digital practice communicating by text messaging and emails.  All charting and transcripts are completed over a secure network on our own server.  We process your insurance online for you, taking the time and guess work out of your hands.  Insurance is very confusing nowadays and we try to de-stress the process.  We are always available by email, website and of course this app!

So go ahead, smile more today and receive the treatment you deserve.

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